What you should know about “Omar the Chechen”: DEAD

Omar the Chechen is the name that refers to a top ISIS leader, Abu Omar al-Shishani. He was born in Georgia as Tarkhan Tayumurazovich Batirashvil in 1986 to a Christian father and a Muslim mother. Having joined the ISIS, which actually stands for Islamic States of Iraq and Syria, he was one of the most wanted and dangerous Jihadists until his alleged death in July 2016. Tarkhan Tayumurazovich Batirashvil was believed to be the militia’s field commander in Northern Syria. He was not your average next door man hence begging the question, what made him who he was?

Omar the Chechen - Dead ISIS Leader
Recently killed ISIS Leader “Omar the Chechen” said that “every day, a couple hundred more [ISIS fighters] from Europe come…”
Served the Georgian armed forces

Abu Omar al-Shishani spent his early life in Pankisi, Gorge. In this place, he interacted with the second Chechen war rebels on their transit into Russia. It is not a surprise that after finishing his high school education he opted to join the Georgian army. In the army, he was an excellent student who ended up mastering the weaponry. He took a very active role in the 2008 Russo-Georgian war as a sergeant. However, he never got to be decorated for his exceptional service. He was arrested in 2010 for allegedly harboring weapons. In prison, he decided that if he made it out alive then he will join the jihadists which he did in 2012.

Reason behind ISIS dominance in Iraq

Abu Omar al-Shishani is believed to be the force and brains behind the rise of Isis in Iraq. This can be attributed to him being a superb military strategist and a ruthless fighter. He managed to transform Isis from some terrorist group to a militia that understands strategy and is well trained in guerilla warfare. Due to his military excellence, Al-Shishani rose through the ranks quickly. At the point of his death, he was a senior Isis council member who was in charge of the prisons.

ISIS militia brutality 

Despite the world considering the Al-Qaeda as the most inhuman terror group, it could not stomach Isis brutality. The Al-Qaeda through its officials disassociated itself from Isis due to Isis being too extreme in most cases. Isis under their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who declared himself as the new caliph, declared jihad on all infidels.

He cheats death

He was constantly reported to be dead or captured by the United States government. This can be attributed to his presence in many battlegrounds. A bounty of $5 million was placed on anyone willing to offer information that will lead to his capture in May 2015. In May, June, August and October 2014 he was falsely reported to have been killed in Syria. The Chechen leader, on 13 November 2014, also made a false claim about his death. In December 2015, Russia reported that he had been captured by US government which was false. In March 2016 the pentagon claimed to have killed him in a series of airstrikes but was still assessing the results.

ISIS reported Shishani’s death in July 2016. He is said to have died in a battle in Iraq. His death is expected to have negative impacts on the militia. This is because the militia will lack his military strategy and ability to recruit foreigners.

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Truck Rampage in France Enabled by Strict Gun Control

What Happened

After the firework celebrations on Bastille Day on the 14th of July, 2016, a truck was driven at speed and used to deliberately hit people. The truck was driven in a way to maximize damage and to kill as many people as possible.

This was a dreadful terrorist attack since it scared a huge number of people. This caused people to try to run away from the truck.

nice terror attacks isis
The attacks in Nice, France have shocked the world. The latest terrorist attack was of a completely different type compared to other recent attacks.

What’s Different

It’s a sad fact of this modern world that terrorism is getting more common. However, until now terrorist attacks have focused on large well-known targets, and commonly used explosives and guns.

The attack in Nice is scarier than all of these because it doesn’t make use of weapons or explosives.

Controlling Terrorism

Intelligence can be gathered about any planned terrorist attacks. When these use weapons or explosives, the authorities have plenty of opportunity to intervene and prevent any danger to the public.

There are of course times when the authorities don’t act quickly enough and a massacre still happens.

Terrorism Without Weapons

When the terrorist attacks do now use weapons, it becomes a lot more difficult to control and monitor.

Anyone with a license can easily rent a car or a van. While a vehicle is not normally considered a weapon, it can easily be used as one.

A truck could easily be driven at high speeds to inflict as much damage as possible. If a van is driven directly at people then the chance of a loss of life is almost certain.

Resourceful Terrorism

Many people have suggested that the truck rampage in France was enabled by strict gun control. It is shocking to think that we can make it more difficult for people to obtain weapons, but they will always be able to find ways to commit mass murder.

It’s not a new idea, though. ISIS leaders suggested 2 years ago that even if supporters couldn’t get access to the weapons they need, that they can just run over non-believers in their cars.

It Could Have Been Worse

Police have stated that most of the weapons found in the van were fake and non-functional. This has caused some people to speculate whether or not he had the full support of ISIS or another terrorist agency.

If the van was packed with explosives, more weapons, or more military trained people then the loss of life could have been even higher.

What Can Be Done?

These latest terror attacks in Nice have made governments all around the world assess the latest terrorist threat.

Trying to prevent terrorism with vehicles is going to be very difficult.

Governments have highlighted anti-vehicle defenses which can be installed in the street. The simplest of which is a concrete block with anchors to prevent a truck from driving through it.

Some anti-vehicle defenses can be hidden inside regular street furniture. Walls can be strengthened, and street layouts can be designed to make this sort of attack more difficult.

The truck rampage in France has killed over 80 people. In France, the right to private gun ownership is not guaranteed by law.

Regulations Governing the Display of the United States Flag

us flag on the moon
There are 6 flags on the Moon, one for each of the 6 US moon landings.

1. At the point when the banner is shown above the center of the road, it ought to be suspended vertically with the union toward the north in an east and west road or toward the east in a north and south road.

2. The banner of the United States of America, when it is shown with another banner against a divider from crossed staffs, ought to be on the privilege, the banner’s own privilege [that implies the viewer’s left – Webmaster], and its staff ought to be before the staff of the other banner.

3. The banner, when flown at half-staff, ought to be initially lifted to the top for a moment and afterward brought down to the half-staff position. The banner ought to be again raised to the crest before it is brought down for the day. “Considerably staff” is implied bringing down the banner to one- a large portion of the separation between the top and base of the staff. Crepe streamers might be appended to lance heads or flagstaffs in a parade just by request of the President of the United States.

4. At the point when banners of States, urban communities or areas, or flags of social orders are flown on the same halyard with the banner of the United States, the last ought to dependably be at the crest. At the point when the banners are flown from nearby staffs, the banner of the United States ought to be raised first and brought down last. No such banner or flag might be put above the banner of the United States or to one side of the banner of the United States (the viewer’s cleared out). At the point when the banner is half-masted, both banners are half-masted, with the US banner at the mid-point and the other banner underneath.

5. At the point when the banner is suspended over a walkway from a rope stretching out from a house to a shaft at the edge of the walkway, the banner ought to be raised out, union to begin with, from the building.

6. At the point when the banner of the United States is shown from a staff anticipating on a level plane or at an edge of the window ledge, gallery, or front of a building, the union of the banner ought to be put at the top of the staff unless the banner is at half-staff.

7. At the point when the banner is utilized to cover a coffin, it ought to be placed to the point that the union is at the head and over the left shoulder. The banner ought not to be brought down in the grave or permitted to touch the ground.

8. At the point when the banner is shown in a way other than by being flown from a staff, it ought to be shown level, whether inside or out. At the point when shown either on a level plane or vertically against a divider, the union ought to be highest and to the banner’s own particular right, that is, to the onlooker’s cleared out. At the point when shown in a window it ought to be shown similarly, that is with the union or blue field to one side of the spectator on the road. Whenever trims, rosettes or drapings are coveted, hitting of blue, white and red ought to be utilized, however never the banner.

9. That the banner, when conveyed in a parade with another banner, or banners, ought to be either on the walking right; that is, the banner’s own particular right, or, if there is a line of different banners, before the focal point of that line.

10. The banner of the United States of America ought to be on the inside and at the most astounding purpose of the gathering when various banners of States or regions or flags of social orders are assembled and showed from staffs.

11. At the point when banners of two or more countries are shown, they are to be flown from independent staffs of the same tallness. The banners ought to be of around equivalent size. Universal use denies the presentation of the banner of one country over that of another country in time of peace. The request of priority for banners for the most part is National banners (US initially, then others in sequential order request in English), State (host state to start with, then others in the request of confirmation) and regions (Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and so on.), Military (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard), then other. Perused more.

12. At the point when shown from a staff in a congregation or open amphitheater on or off a platform, the banner of the United States of America ought to hold the position of predominant quality, ahead of time of the gathering of people, and in the position of honor at the minister’s or speaker’s all right faces the crowd. Some other banner so showed ought to be set on the left of the priest or speaker (to one side of the group of onlookers). It would be ideal if you take note of that the old rules contrasted from this upgraded and disentangled one.

13. At the point when the banner is shown on an auto, the staff might be altered solidly to the suspension or clasped to the right bumper.

14. At the point when hung in a window, place the blue union in the upper left, as saw from the road.